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 Transmission Filter and Oil for Hydra Matic

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PostSubject: Transmission Filter and Oil for Hydra Matic   Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:52 pm

I try in my files a transmission oil filter for my finding Hydramatic gearbox. Also, the demand for U.S. parts companies was unsuccessful. Can it be that no filter is installed but a screen. This screen is then washed out only? Is it true that approximately 10 liters of gear oil must be filled. I have refilled ATF Dextron II, but I would soon carry out a gear oil change.
Thank you very much
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PostSubject: Re: Transmission Filter and Oil for Hydra Matic   Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:41 pm

Alex.....you are correct that there is no changable filter in the HydraMatic. Cleaning of the screen is the reccomended service when changing the fluid. The service manual states that about 9 quarts are needed to refill after draining the pan and torus cover. Make sure you have a new pan gasket and filter "O" rings available before you begin. Droping the pan is a messy job so use a large catchpan. The following is the proceedure;

1. remove the fill indicator tube
2. loosen all the pan bolts and remove all except the corner bolts
3. slowly loosen and remove the remaining bolts so that the pan drops down and drains toward the catchpan
4. when the pan has partially drained remove it completely
5. Remove the filter screen and throughly clean it (wash in kerosene and blow dry)
6. check the "O" rings on the pump intake pipes and replace if needed
7. remove the bellhousing inspection cover and pry flexplate around until the torus cover plug is facing down
8. using a 6 point socket remove the plug and allow the fluid in the torus to drain
9. replace the plug (6-7 lbft torque)
10. replace the screen, gasket, pan, and fill tube (12-15 lbft on pan bolts)
11. put about 8 quarts of fluid in and run engine up to temperature
12. put the selector in each gear for a few seconds
13. check fluid level and add as necessary

You should be able to get the gaskets and "O" rings from FATSCO in New Jersey. Look on the Internet for them.

Helpful hint.....While you have the pan off, find someone to weld a bung for a plug to the bottom of it. Makes things easier and less messy the next time......John

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Transmission Filter and Oil for Hydra Matic
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