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 Meet the second owner

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PostSubject: Meet the second owner   Mon May 18, 2009 9:29 pm

What a small world we sometimes live in.
My buddy Herbie and I went to our first Cruise Night last Wednesday night at a local Big Dipper Ice Cream. Driving in to the lot some guy walked right out in front of me and I had to stop to keep from hitting him. He was back to me watching Herbies 1962 Galaxie drive by. I stopped and blew the horn at him. He turned to me, then walked over to my drivers window and leaned in and said "I used to own this car"! I said, "your kidding me right"? He says, "no, I bought it from Mr. Haynes, in Lincoln, NH." I did know that Mr. Haynes was the original owner, and he lived in Lincoln, NH. I told him not to go anywhere, I wanted to talk to him, so I parked and got the whole story of how he got it and who bought it from him and who bought it from that guy. And you wont believe who the forth owner was. The original owners daughter and son in law bought it back from the third owner! Then Herbie bought it. And I bought it from Herbie. The second owner says that the widow of Mr. Haynes called him and asked if he wanted to buy it. The story there goes that Mr. Haynes took it to a local dealer to trade it in on a new car and they offered him so little for it he drove it home and parked it in the garage and put it up on blocks and never drove it again. It had 57k miles on it when he did that. It has 62k miles on it now. When this guy went to pick it up he said it had lumber piled all over it and around it. When he finally got it home he said the cylinders were full of oil. He cleaned them out and put new gas in it and it started right up and ran fine. He also explained the gooie mess on the underside of the car. Mr. Haynes had it undercoated and sprayed with oil every year to keep it from rusting. It seems to have worked pretty well as there is very little rust damage to the car. The third owner apparently was the one that had it painted. It is the original Sunset Glow Poly color.
Can you believe this?! What are the chances of me almost running over the second owner of this car?! Small world indeed.
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PostSubject: Re: Meet the second owner   Tue May 19, 2009 3:48 am

WOW!!!! That is way toooo cool!!!!!!

I rode with my friend to a local cruise night thing they have every friday night about 30 minutes from here. In high school he bought a project '64 Galaxie. He eventually did all the body work and painted it and got the motor running good and all that good stuff. We drove it to this cruise night, and this guy walks up the the deck lid of the car and immediately knows it's his old car. He said he got into a fight at a bar one night and someone hit the trunk of his car with a 2X4 and left a dent that my friend didn't hide so well when he did the body work. Turns out the guy used to drag race it when he had it. Small world indeed. You can't beat these kinds of stories!

Robert Lewis      
1959 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Door Hard Top
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PostSubject: Re: Meet the second owner   Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:30 pm

This happened to me also. My '73 Trans Am was originally bought by a custom car shop in Butler WI (a suburb of Milwaukee). It was painted by the owners shop sometime around 1974. Then given to the son. It was used only for shows, little mileage and never out in the rain. My friend that bought it from the son in 1978 stored it but then due to hardships had to start driving it for daily use, including winter driving and ----SALT----. He couldn't make himself sell it so he had to use it. He started to get surface rust in the underhood area, and because a judge at a car show would not judge it due to the rust, he parked it in 1982 and started a restoration. He dismantled the car and then stopped all work on it, finally offering it to me in 1999 because of a divorce and having to get the car out of the machine shed it was in. Anywho, when I bought it I had a '67 Nova built almost like a gasser, and had found a complete bolt on front frame cradle and straight front axle for the Nova. I placed the front end for sale and got a response from a guy in Milwaukee. I lived 45 miles west of there. He came to look at the frame and as we were talking he looked towards the garage at the back end of the TA (the door was open) and he goes "I know that car". He goes "yeah, I worked at the shop in the mid '70s doing custom paint prep and paint. I helped paint that thing". I went "O-KKK, uh, really?" He said "yes, we did coat after coat on that thing, completely bondo'd the full body and I helped letter the tail panel". The tail panel has the name of the shop on it and some other stuff. All hand lettered. He said the owner later closed the shop, moved to Florida, and reopened a shop down there. He quit when they moved. The car is completely bondo'd under the paint, and the paint is thick as hell. And he bought the frame unit. Like wydtrac had happen, what are the odds. Mark L
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PostSubject: Re: Meet the second owner   

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Meet the second owner
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