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 Installing Tri-Power Emblems

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PostSubject: Installing Tri-Power Emblems   Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:50 am

If you wish to put Tri-Power emblems on your car, this will help with the positioning and installation. On the passenger side, the tip of the "P" should be 6" forward of the rear edge of the front fender. On the driver side, the tip of the "r" should be 6" forward of the rear edge of that fender. On both sides, the lower point of the emblem should be 3/4" above the sweep spear.

Holes must be drilled into the fenders to attach the emblem studs (5 if I remember right.) The easiest way to do this is to make a template using pressed cardboard (like a cereal box only larger.) I used a stiff desk blotter. Press the emblem onto the cardboard gently, but with enough pressure to make dimples where the studs are. punch out the dimples and push the emblem studs through the cardboard. Measure and cut the cardboard 6" from each end of the word Power. Finally cut the template parallel to the emblem 3/4" below the tip. Remove the emblem and position the template to mark the holes for drilling.

Barrel nuts were used to hold the studs onto the fenders. They come in different sizes, and I don't remember which ones are correct. They must be a tight fit onto the studs, and only slightly smaller than the hole. There are suppliers for the barrel nuts on E-bay. Caution…don't drill holes in your fenders until you have the correct nuts, and check your drill bit size in a piece of scrap metal first. To install the emblems, put the nuts on all of the studs, line up the studs with the holes, and press in until the emblem is flush with the fender. A tiny bit of dumdum at the base of each stud helps to keep rust from forming in the holes……John
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PostSubject: Installing Tri-Power emblems   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:13 am

Catbird, thanks for the tip. I'm going to sketch it out and send it in to be sure I got it right before drilling six holes in a fender. Laughing
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Installing Tri-Power Emblems
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