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 Fan Shroud

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PostSubject: Fan Shroud   Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:22 am


I drive a '59 Pontiac Catalina. Since I live in Germany and we do not have the great highways, the cooling water sometimes up to 105 degrees Celsius is hot. I have installed a 3 Row Alukühler, a transmission oil cooler and an electric fan. But out the result is still not good. Therefore I would like to install a fan shroud. Has anyone ever built one, and if so which ones? and where can I buy this? What can be changed yet, so that the room temperatures not too high?
Thank you very much
Greetings from Germany
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PostSubject: Re: Fan Shroud   Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:30 pm

Hi !

I have a 59 catalina, and it uses the original cooler (or equal type). I have added a electric fan for hot condition idle, but no shroud. Apart from when my engine blew last year i have never had problems with overheating. Even driving to Germany in summer, with caravan, i have had no significant heating problems.

With a large alu radiator you should have no problems keeping cool.

I wonder if you checked for proper circulation (pump fail - sludge in block colling channels - thermostat).

If you have not already tried so, try (for test purposes) pulling the thernostat out of the housing.

If the engine is unmodified it should keep cool.

Hope this helps !
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Fan Shroud
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