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 tri-tone leather interiors

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PostSubject: tri-tone leather interiors    Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:27 am

Hello all ...

I am creating a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville in 3d. I am starting on the interior, and after looking at pictures, I am confused. With the tri-tone interior what determines the colors ?? It appears to be body color is the center stripe, but what are the available other colors ?? Does anyone have a lkist or chart with available color options and combinations ??

Any help would be appreciated

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PostSubject: Re: tri-tone leather interiors    Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:57 pm

Did you ever find what you were looking for on the colors?

Post your 3d if you can.
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PostSubject: Re: tri-tone leather interiors    Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:38 am

tinpau.....it depends on which body style you are trying to recreate. For the Bonneville convertible there was only three tri-tone color choices, all or them in genuine leather. One was white, silver, and red. Another was pale blue, medium blue, and dark blue. The third was white, maroon, and a dark reddish brown. The Sports Coupe, Vista, and Custom Safari could be had with four color choices of all vinyl tri-tone upholstery. They were the same blues as above, the white, maroon, and dark reddish brown as above, in addition to a light green, medium green, and very dark green (almost black.) The fourth color is hard to describe; almost a flesh tone, gold, and dark brown. The Sports Coupe and Vista could also be ordered with a choice of five different tri-tone combinations of woven fabrics and vinyl. Four of these were in the same colors and shades as the all vinyl listed above. The fifth was a charcoal, very dark gray, and white. The fabrics were of two different textures and weaves.

Regardless of the colors or material, the color scheme was the same. Starting at the center of the seat was a large flat panel of the lightest color. Working toward the door was a panel of the medium color pleated into three rolls. Next was a flat panel of the darkest color with the embossed star patern in the lightest color. Then came another section of rolled and pleated medium color, followed by a final narrower flat panel of the lightest color. The ends and front of the seats were the medium color. The seatback followed the same pattern as the seat base.

Not every interior color combination was available with every exterior color. The dealers had an album showing samples of the various fabrics and paint colors. In this album was a chart that listed the available combinations as "recommended" and "compatible." I hope this helps you out.....John
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PostSubject: Re: tri-tone leather interiors    

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tri-tone leather interiors
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