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 The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"

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PostSubject: The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"   Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:23 pm

Like I've mentioned before, I moonlight as an actor, extra and sometimes rent the cars I have for use in feature films, TV shows and commercials when they film here. Today I was in NW Portland working on a new pilot for NBC/ Universal titled "Grimm", based on the Brothers' Grimm fairy tales. It centers around a Portland Police Detective who see's the criminals and victims as animals and finds his calling protecting them. We were filming in and around a popular Portland bakery today on NW 23rd and Thurman. The detective's girlfriend owns the bakery in the show.

It is in the Drama/ Sci-Fi Genre...if you're into that sort of thing

I was featured in 3 scenes and the car was set prominently across the street for most of the day, until I was asked to move it for continuity purposes.

The director is Marc Buckland, "My name is Earl" and "Ed"

It stars:

David Giuntoni, Nick, MTV's "Road Rules", "Cold Case", "Without a trace"

Russell Hornsby, Hank, "In Treatment", "The Goo Wife" and "Grey's Anatomy". I remember him as the delivery guy on "Meet the Parents", he delivers Gaylord's "real" bag in the film.

Bitsie Tulloch, Juliet, "House, MD", "Cold Case"

This was taken on NW 23rd. The scenes were taking place inside, so I snapped this while no one was looking. The car is directly across the street from the bakery.

I was sitting in the car while they were doing "blocking" to determine the shots. I had to move the car 3 times until they were satisified with what they were looking for. I covertly snapped this with my phone. They tend to frown upon taking pictures of a "hot set".

The people seated outside are extra's who were in a "holding pattern" between takes. The white Tri-Met van was a "Bogey", a term for an errant vehicle or person who happens upon a set, when they are not supposed to be. They are quickly shooed away....

Fake prop sign made for the pilot hung from chains on the side of the building. The Character Juliette, "owns" the fictional bakery.

I would have taken more pictures, but they don't tolerate it and if caught, you will be asked to leave and more than likely, they will not call you back....I didn't get caught, He He

Funny, they had fake license plates thay put on the cars, that look awful up close, but serve their purpose for filming. The letters and numbers are jumbled around hardly resemble the real thing. I have boxes of license plates from just about all 50 states I should "rent" to them, including the ones used on publicly owned vehicles like police cars!
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PostSubject: Re: The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"   Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:56 pm

No doubt a very memorable experience.
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59 Blue Bomber

Posts : 199
Join date : 2010-06-05
Age : 47
Location : Corbett, Oregon

PostSubject: Re: The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"   Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:59 pm

Yes, it's always a memorable experience, for sure. It is not my first foray into acting, either. The first time I was used an extra was in 1988, for the film "Breaking In", with Burt Reynolds and Casey Siemazsko, which was filmed in an around Portland, Or. Recently, in addition to "Grimm", I have worked on "Leverage" as well as a few other various productions.

I've had the good fortune to have been in quite a few of productions from Television, feature films, commercials and print advertising. I am no Tom Cruise by any stretch, but I hve been lucky.

In productions here in Oregon and when I lived on Maui for 13 years I have met and even fraternized with quite a number of celebrities. Funny, they're human just like us. They do all the same things as "everyday" folk, they just happen to famous, just for being "famous". I have never been an autograph seeker or get "star-struck" when I encounter one of them. If I was, I'd have probably 2 or 3 notebooks full of them. They just don't like people oogling them and treating them like a piece of meat, while they're on "vacation".

Some of the most memorable have been on Maui. Sitting at the Bar at Longhi's on Front St. BS-ing with friends only to look over my left shoulder and I was sitting right next to none other than Paris Hilton! Impressed I was not, at the sight of her up close. Her little dog was cuter! We passed glances, I downed my drink and promptly left...alone! A certian appendage means alot to me and I didn't want it to fall off the next day, so I more than likely dodged a bullet or two leaving that one alone.

The coolest one was Woody Harrelson....at the bottom of the stairs behind Moose McGillicudy's. He rolled the fattest....uh,...cigarette I ever..smelled! The most down-to-earth guy to hang out with.

By far the oddest was at the Hyatt Regency Maui. My brother was a bartender at the Grotto bar under the waterfall dividing the two pools. I was a frequent visitor, since I didn't have to pay for anything. I went to the bar and got a drink and went for a swim (a great place to pick up horn....uh lonely tourists, but those are different stories for another book.) Anyway, I came back to the bar and was sitting next to a guy in a ratty looking hat and speedo's. I kept to my self until he said "Hey Bro, I smoked some of your cigarettes, the barkeep said it was okay, I hope you don't mind". I told him it was cool, no worries. He looked familiar, but with the ratty MTV hat, speedos, him singing to himself and the sunblock on his nose, I tried to ignore him. He asked me for a cigarette, again, then asked what I was drinking. "Here we go", I thought. "Jack and Coke" I responded. We made small talk and then it dawned on me just who the kooky freak was! Pauly Shore!!!

After a few drinks, I could actually tolerate being around him and hung out with him for about 4 hours listening to him ramble about some of the wierdest shit I think I've ever heard! At some point in time we traded numbers, for some odd reason I'm not sure. I'll tell you this: It's not an act, he IS very strange!!! He told he was there with his girlfriend and some friens, but they left and "it was just me and God, hanging in Hawai'i" (His words, not mine!) He called me about 2 days later looking for some "Maui Wowie", I obliged through a friend and saw him one other time while he was there, but never heard from him again, much to my relief!!

Space and possibly your bordem, prevents listing them all here, but a few other notables are:

George Harrison,
John Goodman,
"Dog" Chapman and his brood (No, they were not looking for me!)and goddamn if her boobs aren't bigger in person!,
Howie Mandel,
Peter Scholari (Newhart),
Sam Elliott,
Kurt Russell and Goldie,
Kelsey Grammer (I did some work on his house at Plantation Estates in Kapalua),
Carlos Santana, (he has the biggest house in Pineapple Hill estates, also in Kapalua)
Britney Spears, (She likes to stay at the Grand Wailea, but spent time in Lahaina a few times)
Jennifer Love Hewitt, (She fancies the art Galleries on Front St. in Lahaina)

The list goes on...not bragging, just sharing. Someday, when I get some projects cleared off my "Honey Do" list, I will compile a book of sorts with my dealings and experiences. More than likely, not for publication, but for fun.
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PostSubject: Re: The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"   

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The '59 used on NBC's pilot for "Grimm"
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