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 WANTED 61 Bonneville 4 speed coupe

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PostSubject: WANTED 61 Bonneville 4 speed coupe   Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:06 pm

My friend Matt in Kansas is looking for a 1961 Bonnie bubble top 4 speed. Here is his ad on PY

"I am a Buick guy thru and thru, but Pontiacs are always trying to overtake that spot. Great cars! OK, so I am well aware nearly everyone on the planet wants a 61 Bonneville 4-speed coupe, but I am seriously looking for one. I am particularly wanting a nice unmolested original with the original drivetrain, from a complete rust-free project to a nice nice nice original. I do not want a 100% restored car, I would prefer some wear and tear to something restored. Strange, I know. Tri-power and bucket seats are not a must, but either or both would just be icing on the cake. Color is also not important. Being an original 4-speed with its original trans and motor is important, though.

I can't stress how bad I want one of these cars. Every 61 Bonneville coupe I see a photo of just kills me, I want one so bad. For the past several years I have even collected tons of NOS and good used Bonneville parts just for the eventual 4-speed that will come my way. Of all the cars I have wanted and searched for, this particular car along with a nice original 57-59 DeSoto Adventurer coupe have been the hardest thing for me to find. A finder's fee will be gladly paid if you lead me to one that can be bought. I am a collector, and sell nothing. If I find one of these and buy it, the next time it will be for sale will be in my estate sale, unless my daughter decides to keep it. I'm 38, so hopefully that will be a LONG time from now. Someone out there, somewhere has the perfect car for me that is just hogging up space in their garage, so please let me know."

Robert Lewis      
1959 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Door Hard Top
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WANTED 61 Bonneville 4 speed coupe
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