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 Not a classic, but fun none-the-less.

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PostSubject: Not a classic, but fun none-the-less.   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:35 am

I picked this up in Dec off CL for $400. Totally rust free (northern folks, eat your heart out) and ran...On 2 cylinders. lol I drove it from Leander to my home on 2 cylinders. Someone had put on a valve cover incorrectly and mangled the braces in to an S shape. Kept the intake valves open and the exhaust valves closed. Also, the no. 1 intake pushrod had gone THROUGH the rocker arm. Replaced all that and the ignition module and it was running like new and even the A/C works. Not much to look at now.

I added the spare carrier from another Blazer and a tinted back window from a GMC Typhoon.

My plans are something like this...

Only without the TA wheels and still having off road capabilities. I'll be using stock Syclone wheel with larger tires.

The mods so far have been:

Window lock out switch - 1st gen S10s didn't come with this.
Oldsmobile Driver Info Center - I still need to work on this. The ECM uses a 160 BAUD datastream and the DIC uses a 8192 BAUD datastream. I need to upgrade the ECM but that will come later.
Factory remote keyless with alarm - not an option until 1992.
1976 Trans Am steering wheel - keeps me close to my love for Pontiacs.

as well as some other options that are wired in but not finished such as:

Retained accessory power
All window down module - all four windows are auto-down and go down at the same time
heated and autodimming side mirrors from a Cadillac Allante - glass fits the original power mirror housings!
autodimming rear view mirror with compass - had it until I let a so-called friend borrow my truck, he kept the truck for 2 months, beat the hell out of it, he also stole the mirror along with my floor jack, other parts and $300 Rolling Eyes
overhead console with HomeLink

I'm also thinking up a way to have rear air as well. LOL

I'm sharing my secret mods with you guys because this is a small board. This will do until I get my classic GM.

I haven't even used 4wd yet... Looks like Robert has some acreage?
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PostSubject: Re: Not a classic, but fun none-the-less.   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:12 pm

haha I got some acres it's mostly flat but it's fun when it rains. One time my dad was driving us around with like 8 of my friends in the bed of his cummins. The front tire sank in about 2 feet of mud. haha We got the tractor to pull it out

That blazers are pretty sweet. Sounds like you have a lot of mods ahead of you

Robert Lewis      
1959 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Door Hard Top
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Not a classic, but fun none-the-less.
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