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 Folding top

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PostSubject: Folding top   Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:33 am

I'm having some problem with the boot on my convertible. I bought the boot a couple years ago and just got around to putting it on. The boot is a nice heavy vinyl material that seems to be the correct shape with all the snaps in the right places. However with the top down I can only get it to attach at the side pinchweld or the interior trim piece, but not both. It seems that the boot needs about another inch of material on the inside, or the three side rails of the top must lower another inch. The rear side rail hits the wheel well and the other two fold onto it properly without any top material or padding pinched between to hold them up. Still the folded rails stick up about 4" higher than the top edge of the quaterpanel. I could probably heat the boot to stretch it over, but the outline of the rails will show through, which is not right. I would like for the members with convertibles to measure how high your rails stick up with your top down and let me know. I might just have to have a custome boot made. Anyone else have this problem?......John
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PostSubject: Re: Folding top   Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:02 pm

I've heard that these boots can shrink over time. Maybe a fabric shop can stretch it out a little or give you a tip on how to do it and/or keep it from stretching.

But maybe it is your rails that are sticking up too high.

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1959 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Door Hard Top
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Folding top
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